Studio Timetable


8.40am One to One (Jill)

9.40 am Studio Club (Jill)

10.40 am Studio Club (Jill)

11.55 am Mat/Studio Gentle Class (Annita)



12.00 pm Reformer for Improvers (Annita)

1.15 pm Studio Club (Annita)

6.15 pm Reformer for Improvers (Annita)



8.00am One to One (Jill)

9.00am One to One (Jill)

10.00 am Reformer for Beginners (Jill) Starts 6/9

11.00 am One to One (Jill)

1.15 pm Studio Club (Annita)

2.15 pm Studio Club (Annita)




8.00 am One to One (Jill)

9.00 am Studio Club (Jill)

10.00 am Studio Club (Jill)

11.00 am One to One (Jill)

12.05 am Gentle Pilates (Ideal Bone Health/Mat and Studio) (Jill)

1.15 pm Reformer for Improvers (Jill)

2.30 pm Studio Club (Jill)

3.30 pm One to One (Jill)

4.30 pm One to One (Jill)



9.30 am Studio Club (Annita)

10.30  am Studio Club (Annita)

11.30am Studio Club (Annita)

1.15 pm One to One (Annita)

2.15 pm One to One (Annita)

3.15 pm One to One (Annita)

4.15pm One to One  (Annita)



8.00 One to One (Grace)

9.00 am Reformer for Beginners (Grace) 

10.00 am Reformer for Improvers

11.00 One to One (Grace)