Mat Classes in Totnes

In a mat class, the exercises are performed mostly on the mat, or standing, and sometimes you will use small pieces of equipment; resistance bands, balls, circles etc. If you are free from significant injury, then these classes are suitable for you. If you are not sure, or you would like to talk it through with us, please feel free to give us a call.

Pre-Joining Requirements:
You are very welcome to sign up and enroll for a beginners matwork course, without any prior Pilates experience. This will be a great Pilates introduction.

If you would like to join any other matwork class, (with or without prior Pilates experience), it is necessary that you firstly do an individual session with one of us. This is a method that, tried and tested, works very well. We get the chance to meet with you and discuss your relevant fitness/injury information along with time to go through Pilates fundamentals. As a result, we can assist you then with the most suitable class choices. All of this then helps us to go on and assist you in a group class, in a more informed way.

Please call us to book this.

See the Mat Classes Timetable for days and times of classes.