Online Mat Class Timetable

Online classes are here to stay! We invite you to join our online class community.

9.30 am Level 2 Mat/Annita
12.00 Reformer to Mat/Annita FULL!
6pm Level 2 Mat/Jill
8am Reformer to Mat/Annita FULL!
9.15am Level 1 Mat/Annita
10.30 Level 3 Mat/Annita
8am Level 2/3 MOTR
9.30am Level 2 Mat/Annita
9.15am Level 3 Mat/Jill
9.30am Level 2 Mat/ Jill
Classes are 55 minutes long. You will receive a video replay of each class, valid for 7 days following the class, so do not worry if you are unable to make a class, you will be able to catch up in your own time! Classes £8 each, payable monthly. Please do make contact with us if you are interested in joining a class.