1:1 Sessions

Pilates works fantastically well when attention to detail is paid. For this reason, in an ideal world, private classes really are the very best way to do Pilates.These sessions will be specifically designed to suit YOU. We will be able to design a class particularly with your goals in mind. Maybe you need to improve your movement strategies to make everyday tasks easier? Sitting to standing. Climbing stairs. Putting on socks. Or maybe you are an athlete looking to improve your performance? All things we are able to do in a Pilates environment, particularly well on a one to one basis.

If you are looking to join either a mat or a studio class (unless you are joining a new beginners group), it is necessary to start with at least one individual sesssion.


55 minutes £45

Studio Equipment Introduction 

You will need to book at least 2 individual sessions. During these 2 sessions, we will run through a physical health assessment with you. Introduce you to the various Pilates machines. Design a specific prgogramme of exercises for you (based on the results of the physical assessment). And teach you these exercises on the machines. When you have done this introduction, you will be equipped to join the Studio Club classes.

2 x 55 minute sessions at £45 each